Client: Goodbody
Services: Social media, Infographic, Editorial
Date: February 2020  
The creative challenge involved producing marketing material to educate their target audience about the Goodbody brand and specifically to remove the stigma surrounding CBD and its association with cannabis. The outcomes entailed a social media campaign, in-store infographic and an introduction guide to CBD. I approached this brief with an abstract outlook. The concept behind it was to make Goodbody feel free. This links to the Goodbody products such as relieving stress and anxiety, and lower pain – it makes you feel free from any discomfort. The abstract illustrations are based off of plants which is the key ingredient to the Goodbody brand. 
The Design Process
To achieve my outcomes, I followed the design process. This included understanding the brief, marketing research, moodboarding, brainstorming, initial sketching, concept development, refinement and feedback, revisions and finally the end product. After the initial research of the Goodbody brand such as their target audience and products, I then looked into what is hemp, what is CBD and the endocannabinoid system. Doing this allowed me to understand the brief in good detail. Next, I looked into similar sectors to see what is working and what is missing with Goodbody. Then I started moodboarding. I looked into existing products, design styles, existing infographics and page layouts for inspiration. Next, I did some quick brainstorming with concept ideas. This then led to initial sketches. I did some quick illustrations on the social media campaign and infographic. From my initial sketches, I developed my ideas digitally to see what works and what doesn’t work before arriving at the final outcome. Below are some examples of the process. 
Initial sketches
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