Client: University of Northampton
Services: Editorial
Date: January 2021
The creative challenge was to redesign an Eye magazine article from its 2000-2001 issues in a present-day outlook and use augmented reality to bring the content to life. I chose to redesign the article ‘Day-Glo mind blow’ which includes the theme of psychedelia in the late 1960s. My concept was to represent psychedelic hallucinations based off the article such as illustrating bright and bold colours, patterns and movement with a hidden narrative of a trip. To represent the modern touch, I differentiated early psychedelic screen-print posters and modern psychedelic moving visuals by incorporating backgrounds that gives a sense of movement by using light and shadow. For the title, I transformed the typeface Blenny into a wavy effect to represent the action of blow to link to the name. In the augmented reality layer, I created my own modern psychedelic moving visual. 
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