Client: University of Northampton
Services: Brand identity, Visual identity, UI/UXI design
Date: December 2019​​​​​​​
The creative challenge was to create a brand identity for a new online creative platform for the art and design department at the University of Northampton. The content should include a website, on demand TV channel, visual style guide and assets. In a team of three, we came up with the name Vivid and the meaning of the word as our main concept. Vivid means powerful, strong and clear images much like the outcomes of the creative students at the university. The platform enables the audience to explore the different creative programme that the university offers; gain inspiration from other student work; and share their own work to create a fun and enjoyable location to connect powerful minds. The Vivid identity utilises bold, bright and strong colours to express the meaning behind its name. The style guide explains to designers how to use and how not to use the branding elements. This includes the brand’s core identity (logo, typeface, colour palette), visual style, business identity, environmental graphics and a website.
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